How is it December already?! This year has flown by. Anyways, every December we pull a box of Christmas books out from storage and read them over and over again throughout the month. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I just thought I would share some our favorites with you.

 Ann Voskamp’s Unwrapping the Greatest Gift has been our go-to advent book the past several years. We love the way she goes through Jesus’s lineage and makes it practical for us. It has about 2 pages of reading for every night of December up until Christmas. I do recommend it for older kids. Mine are pretty young (5 and 3) and it is a bit too much for them.



Isn’t Charlie Brown everyone’s favorite?





I love this book! God Gave Us Christmas is first of all beautifully illustrated and second a wonderful way to explain Santa and Jesus. I love reading this to my kids and drilling into them that Christmas is about Christ, not Santa, but still be able to leave the wonder and kindness that Santa represents in the Christmas season.



Another favorite. But I have to admit, my son hates the Grinch! He’s too scary for him. I’m hoping one day he’ll get over that because the Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!




My kids love anything written Mercer Meyer, but this one is especially funny! We love reading it over and over. 




I loved this book as a kid. I thought it was hilarious and it’s one I can’t wait to read to my kids when they’re older. It’s about a family of terrible kids who put on a Christmas pageant.




We love all of the Little Blue Truck books. But my kids especially love this one because of the surprise Christmas tree at the end!




This book is just hilarious. A moose with the world’s longest mustache is bound to get into some Christmas trouble, right? 




A classic, The Night Before Christmas, is a must-read for everyone, right?

What are your favorite Christmas books? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

The Best Christmas Books for Kids

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