Need help figuring out what to get the home cook in your life? Let me make your holiday shopping easy! I personally own 7 of the 10 things on this list. And the other three I know are top quality. Any cook would love these additions to their kitchen.


This tool not only makes vegetables super fun, it also makes them super easy to prepare. I use mine on a regular basis and it makes me so happy! My kids love it too. They will try anything that is spiraled. Curly food is fun food!

Basting Brushes

These silicone basting brushes are super handy! I use them all the time. And I love that I can just throw them in the dishwasher when I’m done. They would make a great stocking stuffer.

Ice Cream Maker

This is on my wish list this year! It would be especially great for anyone who is paleo or dairy-free and can’t eat the regular store-bought stuff. This particular one has over 4,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.


Prep Bowls

You can always use more bowls, right? These are Le Creuset, so they are not only beautiful but top quality. Any cook would love them.

Milk Frother

This is also on my wish list. I make Chai Tea Lattes regularlyย and the blender just doesn’t cut it when it comes to foaming milk.ย  This one has over 5,000 good reviews on Amazon.

Cast Iron Skillet

Iย love our cast iron skillet! We don’t have this particular model (ours is for grilling) but we use it often. It was especially great when we went camping!

Instant Pot

I love love love my Instant Pot. I use it multiple times a week for all types of things. If we ever lived in an RV (which we’ve talked about many times) this would be all I need to cook with. I use it for meat, soup, hard boiled eggs, bone broth, everything. It’s fantastic.


You may not pick this particular cookbook, but they are great gifts for cooks. I love all of Danielle Walker’s cookbooks. They are beautiful and full of fantastic gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. I highly recommend them and have gifted them to people before.

Knife Set

My sweet friend gifted us this knife set for our wedding. It has held up great and it has a knife for every thing. It’s great.

Fruit Squeezer

I use this every morning when I make my lime/lemon water. It’s simple but it works great. Plus it’s pretty which makes me happy!

What are your kitchen must-haves? Do you have cooks in your life you need to buy for? I’d love to hear. Let me know in the comments below. And happy shopping!

2017 Gift Guide for the Home Cook


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