I love setting goals! I do it every few months. I love the feeling of hope and possibility it brings. But after a few weeks or so of acting on those goals, I’m usually bored and ready to move onto the next thing. 

So, I’m writing this for the accountability. I’ve noticed with my posts (here and here) about what books I’m reading that just the fact that someone *might* read it, has helped push me to read more. I’m hoping the same thing will happen here. Failing publicly isn’t my thing. (Or anyone’s, for that matter.) So, to have my goals be public to the world (all three of you actually reading this. Hi, Mom!) will hopefully push me to finish!

So here you have it.

My goals for 2018.

**You can read how I set goals here

Personal: Finish 5 Quilts. Learn how to make my own Paleo Sauces (Indian, Thai, dressings, etc.)

Spiritual: Write Promises of God Bible Study.

Physical: Work up to 25 miles a month on the treadmill.

Mental: Read 4 books per month.

Family: #peltiermondayadventure 3 out 4 weeks a month. 

Business: One post per week. Complete Blog Class.

Financial: No buying books. (Exception: Cookbooks) Budget every month. 

Personal Goal 2018

I made that graphic in Canva. I plan on printing it out and hanging it up where I will see it every day. If you have goals for this year, I’d encourage you to do something similar.

Do you have any goals for the year? If so, how do set yourself up to accomplish your goal? I’d love to here. We can be accountability partners!