God has been impressing on my heart lately that He wants me to speak His word out loud. When I was in high school, I used to pretend to be a real Southern Baptist Preacher when I was studying for Bible verse quizzes. I would get up in front of the class and pound on the pulpit and everything. It was special. But I always got A’s when I studied that way.

I’m convinced it was because I was reading, speaking, and hearing the verse all at once. In hindsight, I should have studied for everything that way. I might have done way better in school!

But lately, God has been telling me I need to be speaking His word out loud again. And I want to follow His leading. That’s why I’ve started what I call Speak the Word Thursdays. Over on Instagram, I will be using the hashtag #speakthewordthursdays to hopefully build a community of women who are speaking God’s word in their homes every week.

I’d love for you to join me and to keep me accountable. Let’s get God’s word in our lives and home together!