Why be a faithful steward? In a world that too often quits when things get hard, faithfulness is desperately needed. I could not be more an unlikely person to be talking about faithfulness. The desire to quit when things get tough is hard-wired in me. Quitting is so easy. But God requires faithfulness. 1 Corinthians 4:2 says “it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful”. God doesn’t want me to quit, even when I so desperately do. He uses hard things to grow me and produce fruit in my life. But that won’t happen if I choose to quit.

God has put four specific areas in my heart for this blog. Four areas that require faithfulness: health, home, family, and faith. Four areas that I need to dig into and choose faithfulness in every single day.


Because I’m sick. And if God allows it, I’d like to be around long enough to see my kids grow up. And also, to pop wheelies in my wheelchair with my husband when we’re old and crusty.


Because God has given my family a home to take care of and I don’t want to take that for granted. And because I want to use my home to be a blessing to my family and friends. And because having a home I can decorate and make my own is just plain fun sometimes!


Because too many families are falling apart. And I don’t want mine to be one of them. My marriage is important and sanctifying. And raising kids that aren’t jerks is important. God has given me an awesome family and I want to enjoy those people as long as possible.


Because without it there would be no reason to be faithful. God has given so much grace to me. I don’t want to waste it on a life that does nothing for Him.

Join me as I strive to be a faithful steward?